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One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

Argh, haven’t posted in weeks! Sorry guys. Anyway, awesome quote in the title, yeaaah!!!! That quote is said by Billy Zane, who played AnsemĀ – oops, he has a lamer name, “Xehanort’s Heartless” (GOD). Anyway, if you’ve been keeping up with our youtube channel, you’ll see I posted 3 – yes, THREE (count em and weep~!) new videos. I am not gonna show you all three tho. Here’s my fave one:

Yay!!! No, there was no music sheets in front of me. I was just goofing off there. Anyway, right now, I’m at Nana-chan’s house, so yah. Can’t sleep right now. She has no problem with that, though. Well, night(hopefully I will sleep, although I had an ice cream bar and 4-5 sodas.).


BTW: I saw Tron: Legacy and Tangled recently. BOTH WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!


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