The School Survival Guide started on a rainy, dark, boring school day, as Mr. Skonecki assigned a project that would change the lives of two 8th grade girls. One of those girls was Kairi McEwin, and as Mr. Skonecki droned on, Kairi was trying to remember her password for an old wordpress account.
Suddenly, Kairi remembered the password, and logged in(what does this have to do with The Survival Guide?). Kairi knew about the blogging project already, as she was once friends with an 8th grader, when she was in 7th grade. Kairi was thinking about the internet famous Fred, whom she admired greatly(salute to Fred!). As Kairi yearned(means wanted) to be as famous as Fred, she got an idea that would change the lives of tortured, bored kids everywhere! She thought of a way to help the courageous, tortured souls that brave through sleet, snow, rain, tidal waves, and the end of the world, just to go to school. And that’s how the School Survival Guide was born.

Kairi McEwin, Survivalist and creator of the School Survival Guide.


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