Cabin fever and computer-viruses do NOT mix well!!! Finally, back online!!! Ready? FANFICTION IS MY DRUG!!!!! 😀 I just launched the KSSG profile!!! No fanfics yet, though 😦 . I’m working, I’m working!!!!! Just a little profile editing after this, and back to writing AkuRoku fluff 😀 .

 So, drama galore at school. Apparently, I called one of the Drama Ramas (I call them that!!!!) a “bitch”, and they tattled. One, I never said it!!!! Two, I should’ve!!!!!! Oh well.

 Yano-kun might take me to see another movie soon!!!! SQUEEEE!!!! *Happy squeals!!!!* Aikira has got a guy too, and he may join our ranks!!! Bringing the count to 3 guys on board!!!!

 Also, Nami(Yes, I changed Nana-chan’s nickname. I must!) and I recently saw Easy A, launching the idea for movie reviews here on the blog. More usefullness from us!!! Three new projects now!!!! Fanfiction, Movie Reviews, AND The Book Of Epic Qoutes!!!!! And the new theme, after I hit publish. New year, new people, new projects, but the same old Kairi!!!! LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!!


Oh yeah!!! Almost forgot: Remember how Yomi-chan movedaway? If I didn’t mention that, then oops. But geuss what? No, seriously, geuss!!!! I’M FREAKIN GOING TO VISIT HER!!!! OMFG!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!


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