Ok guys, Finals have worn me out, but, FINALLY!!!! THE FINAL DAY OF FINALS HAS FINALLY BEEN FINALIZED!!!!!!! Too many finals, lol. I have a few things to say,: MERRY X-MAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I’ll make two videos (or 5 lol): One on Runescape, one on Fiestaaaaaa Online, and maybe a video game post or a post of me TRYING to make a X-mas anime photo on my computer. I also have a cool video game post of me playing Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town on my emulator, and that game I totally gamesharked the crap outta it. Plus, I got some early christmas presents from Nana-chan, Lettuce, and Yano-kun!!! (YAY!!!) Here they are:

  • A Sketchbook (Nana-chan)
  • A journal (Nana-chan)
  • Mountain Dew Code Red Lip Gloss (NANA-CHAN!!!)
  • A Necklace (Yano-kun 🙂 )
  • A ring (YANO-KUN 😀 😀 😀 )
  • A fave mix CD WITH TIK TOK AND FIREFLIES ON IT WHOO!!!!! (Lettuce)

And that’s it!!! And I discovered THINK GEEK . COM!!!!!! IT’S AWESOME!!!!! I am a geek too, ya know!!!!! >:D 😀 😛


~~~Kairi McEwin ^.^ Merry X-mas!!!!~~~


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